I understand it’s not easy to have someone work for just one week but I learned so much from these 10 companies. They took a chance on me and committed to being apart of something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. For that, I am grateful and look forward to sharing the kindness, knowledge and experience that was so generously given to me with others.

“Maeghan was a total pleasure to work with. In a very short time, she grasped the nuances of our business, learned how to pitch and present us to prospective customers, and pitched right in to do whatever was needed while working with us at AdobeMAX in Los Angeles.

She has a promising future ahead of her and Iook forward to seeing where Project ONE12 takes her - wish I'd done something like this!”

Garth Johnson, EVP North America, Fotolia Calgary, Alberta

“Maeghan spent two weeks interning at BBDO as part of Project ONE12. The adventure she's in the midst of demands a great deal of ingenuity, tenacity, and a gift for marketing oneself. It also demonstrates an impressive degree of savvy self-awareness. Maeghan is doing something that few people have the foresight or opportunity to do -- carefully examining different career possibilities and selecting a career path with eyes wide open. I enjoyed getting to know Maeghan, discovering the details of Project ONE12, and giving her a primer on the chaotic, fascinating, and ever-changing world of mass and digital advertising. Enjoy the next few months, and good luck!”

Justine Féron, Account Supervisor, BBDO Toronto, Ontario


“Maeghan is one of those people in life that you immediately know
she's going to do amazing things. She spent a week with us at Dealmaker Media and I was blown away by her diligence, focus, breadth of knowledge and her delightful nature. This woman is absolutely "one to watch". I hope when this journey ends she'll want to join our team, if not, then I will do everything in my power to help her be successful. Not sure she's going to need my help......she's a winner.”

Debbie Landa, CEO, Dealmaker Media San Francisco, California 

“It was an immense pleasure to have Maeghan join us for one of our most important weeks at the Foundation.  Her involvement ensured both a successful inaugural social enterprise conference for Trico Foundation, as well as helped to coordinate the grant making for Enterprising Non-Profits Alberta.  I only wish we had more time with Maeghan as my creative mind started to think of even more projects which would benefit from having her attention.  Her courage to embark on Project One12 should serve as a model for all young people who are embarking on their careers.” 

Michele Fugiel Gartner Program Manager, Enterprising Non-Profits/Instructor, Non-Profit Management

“I had the opportunity to oversee Maeghan during her ProjectONE12 experiment when she spent a week with us at ImageX Media. Maeghan was a true pleasure to work with! She has maturity well beyond her years, is a brilliant thinker and gives her all to what she does. Her week with us was too short as our whole team wanted to adopt her long term. :) She was such a bright light and her passion and enthusiasm is contagious. Wherever she decides to go she will shine. We'll look forward to following her progress in the future and hope to work with her again at some point.”

Glenn Hilton, President/CEO, ImageX Media Burnaby, Vancouver 

“Maeghan is an accomplished, confident and skilled young woman. During her short time (1 week) with FWE, she generated a comprehensive report that will provide us with some much needed research and input. Her energy and ideas are amazing! I was just sorry that I was not able to spend more time with her.”

Jill Earthy, CEO, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) BC

“Maeghan has the rare attributes of being both extremely creative and diligent.  Her energy and fresh perspective was a great asset to us in her one week with us. I have little doubt that Maeghan would be a valuable asset to any organization”

Daniel Patricio Product Manager and Founder at PinpointSocial.com

“It was great to have Maeghan as a part of the BNOTIONS team and BNOTIONS a part of Project ONE12. In a matter of days Maeghan felt like she was a part of the team and helping us out. She was given the task of organizing our booth at a tradeshow/conference. This was no easy task as it included a wrestling ring, 15 developers, signage, and little direction on how to make it happen. Her organization skills, work ethic and ability to get things done made our conference sponsorship a success and the wrestling ring will never be forgotten. Thanks Maeghan.”

Paul Crowe, CEO, Bogaroo Inc

“There are thinkers and there are doers, Maeghan is both. She is the type of person that makes you want to be a better at everything you do. She is organized and hard working. In the time we got to work together I was impressed with her tenacity and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. A rock-star in my books!”


Richard Cohene, Director of Marketing, Beyond the Rack

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